Sponsor Message from MasTrack

Drivers Icon Teaching Your Teen to Drive

The MasTrack family would like to congratulate you and your new teen driver on starting this new journey towards independence. We know that the driving skills and habits that are instilled today will help develop and frame a lifetime of safe driving habits for your new driver.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that nationwide, 43% of first year drivers and 37% of second year drivers are involved in crashes. Many serious accidents, injuries and deaths can be prevented by practicing proper driving habits. MasTrack knows that safe driving saves lives so we equip you with the necessary tools to monitor, locate and assist young drivers.

MasTrack analyzes vital information during each trip allowing you to reinforce positive behavior and assist in correcting unsafe actions.

The MasTrack Teen Driver Program gives you the ability to

  • Reinforce Safe driving habits
  • Promote Safe speeds on all roadways.
  • Help avoid distracted driving.
  • Maintain accountability
  • Monitor vehicle’s health
  • Access 24 x 7 roadside assistance
  • Access unlimited real time information as to when, where and how the vehicle is being operated.
  • Have peace of mind knowing when the driver has left a location and when they arrive to a destination.

We know that this can be a stressful time for both parents and young drivers. The MasTrack team can provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your young motorist is driving safely and responsibly even when you are not in the car. Our team is here to help you start this new journey and keep our nation’s roadways and new drivers safe.

To learn more please visit www.MasTrack.com .