Sauer Family Message to Teen Drives

As a family, we plead with you to commit to NEVER text and drive or engage in social media while driving. We lost our daughter and sister, Taylor Sauer, to this deadly addiction on January 14, 2012. She was traveling home from college. She was texting and Facebooking while driving when she ran into the back of a tanker truck. The tanker truck was traveling 15 mph, Taylor was going over 80 mph. She was killed instantly. Her final Facebook post said, “I can’t discuss this matter now. Driving and Facebooking is not safe.” Taylor knew it was not safe, but yet continued to do it. The Facebook post and texting she was doing was more important than her life? We don’t think so and we know that she would agree with us. No message is worth your life and someone will miss you terribly if you were gone. Please commit to NEVER text and drive and have the courage to ask a driver to stop texting and driving if you are in a car with them. We don’t want to lose another promising youth in Idaho because they made a bad choice. Make the choice today to PUT IT DOWN!

– Taylor Sauer’s Family

Clay and Shauna Sauer (her parents), and Josh, Whitney,

Ethan, Rachel, Hudson and Emerson Sauer (her siblings)