A message from the Governor

Drivers Icon Teaching Your Teen to Drive

In an effort to ensure safety on our roadways, thank you for utilizing this guidebook. Delaware is a scenic State, with beautiful beaches, parks, farmland, and many other destinations to discover. As you help your new driver travel on our highways and learn the rules of the road, this guide will provide advice and tips during this new and exciting journey.

While you review this information, I hope it will serve as a reminder that we must set an example during this impressionable time for our new drivers. Everyone is responsible for following basic safety practices and laws, such as always wearing a seatbelt, refraining from using a handheld electronic device, and never drinking and driving.

Our residents have a reputation of working together in order to uphold our shared responsibilities. I believe if we all take the time to properly influence the next generation of drivers, we can ensure that our journeys in this wonderful state are as safe as possible.

John Carney