Notes to Parents and Guardians

Drivers Icon Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Teen drivers tend to be high- risk drivers. Teens receive more traffic citations and are hurt or killed at a higher rate than other drivers. As a parent/ guardian, you want to keep your teen safe.

Parents’/Guardians’ Role

While California law sets the requirements for teen driving, you as an informed parent/ guardian and role model can enhance your teen’s safety by assuring that they have adequate instruction. This Parent-Teen Training Guide helps you provide your teen with additional driving skills. This guide does not contain all of the licensing requirements. Before you and your teen begin the driving practice sessions take the time to familiarize yourself with the California Driver Handbook, which contains all licensing requirements.

  • Take the time to familiarize yourself with the California Driver Handbook, which contains all l icensing requirements.

Important: It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle on a California roadway without a valid permit or driver license (DL) for the class of vehicle being operated.

The best teacher is a good role model!

How to Use This Guide

  1. Discuss the expectations and responsibilities of operating a vehicle It is recommended that you and your teen complete a Parent-Teen Driving Contract outlining the agreed upon expectations and responsibilities of a safe driver.
  2. Develop a lesson You and your teen should identify what driving skills your teen should focus on practicing.
  3. Familiarize yourself with proper skills. Read the directions for the skill you wish your teen to practice and log them on the Supervised Driving Log. Check the directions in this guide to be sure the skill is performed
  4. Allow your teen to observe a demonstration of driving skills in different scenarios. Discuss any errors or questions your teen might have regarding different driving situations.
  5. Practice and record your Have your teen practice the skill. When you decide that your teen can perform a certain skill easily and well, double- check the directions and note the driving skills on the Supervised Driving Log.
  6. Prepare for the Review the Driving Risks section starting on page 1 with your teen. Use the Safe Driver Checklist on page 33 to take your teen on a “test” drive. Make sure that your teen performs all the items on this list correctly. Spend more practice time with your teen on any item(s) missed.