Driving Test & Beyond

Drivers Icon Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Is Your Teen Ready for a License?

Your teen is now ready to take a driving test with a DMV examiner if they have held their permit for at least 6 months from the day it was issued. (The waiting period is mandatory even though your teen may have already practiced all the driving skills listed on page 10.) When you feel your teen drives well enough to pass the DMV driving test for a provisional DL, confirm that the required hours are logged on the “Supervised Driving Log” on pages 37-40. Ensure you sign the certifying line of their instruction permit. Your teen must not drive to the DMV office alone on the day of the driving test appointment.

Tips for Your Teen About DMV’s Driving Tests

  • Make an appointment.
  • Be sure your vehicle is properly registered and insured(bringtheregistration card and proof of financial responsibility [insurance]).
  • Confirm that your instructor has signed your has signed your permit.
  • Make sure your parent/guardian has signed your permit verifying the 50 hours of supervised training (10 hoursmustbeofnightdriving).
  • Bring a licensed driver, who is 25 years old or older and has a valid California DL.
  • Bring your glasses or wear your contact lenses.
  • Be sure you are thoroughly familiar with the vehicle you use for the driving You must know where all the controls are located and how to use them. Do not borrow a vehicle for the driving test, unless necessary. Note: If you use a rental vehicle, the driving test applicant must be listed on the rental contract. The contract must not exclude driving tests.
  • If you fail the driving test, you must wait 2 weeks, not including the day the test was failed, and pay a retest fee before taking the driving test again.


Now That Your Teen Has a License

Congratulations, your teen is a licensed driver. Ensure you and your teen review the restrictions of their DL located on page 6 of this guide. Continue communication with your teen regarding their driving experience and any questions they may have.