Backing Up the Vehicle

Drivers Icon Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Practice on a residential street with little or no traffic, or in a parking lot with no obstacles or vehicles. Before starting to back up, have your teen turn their head to survey the area rather than relying just on the rearview and/or side mirrors, or camera, which may not show all hazards. Avoid backing around corners or sharp curves unless there is good visibility in all directions. If your teen seems to have problems backing, have them follow the steps below:

  1. Put their left hand at the top of the steering wheel.
  2. Place their foot on the brake.
  3. Shift to reverse.
  4. Check in all directions for traffic, children, animals, and objects in or moving toward their path.
  5. Release the parking brake.
  6. Place their right hand on the back of the seat and look over their right shoulder through the rear window.
  7. Release the foot brake slowly and apply the accelerator, if needed — be ready to brake to control the speed of the vehicle.
  8. Occasionally check their blind spots.
  9. Move slowly and avoid sudden movement of the steering wheel.
  10. Turn the steering wheel to the right, if they wish to back to the right. Turn the steering wheel to the left, if they wish to back to the left.
  11. Press the brake gently to stop.
  12. Shift into park.