A Message from the Director

Drivers Icon Teaching Your Teen to Drive

I am proud to bring this useful guidebook to you. As your DMV Director, I understand both the excitement and risk that comes from teaching your teen how to safely operate a motor vehicle. A top priority in our State is ensuring our roadways are among the safest in the nation and part of achieving that goal begins with the training and education of new drivers.

You have been given a great responsibility to supervise your teen over the next six months and beyond. This handbook provides you with all the tools you need to successfully promote safety and responsibility when your teen is behind the wheel. Always keep in mind; your teen is looking to you to set an example about what it means to be a safe driver. My hope is that this guidebook also serves as a refresher for you, and that you’ll be able to incorporate some new, safer habits into your own driving.

The guidance you provide your teen during this supervision period will prepare them to safely maneuver and react in all driving conditions. It will give them the foundation they need for a safe driving experience that will carry throughout his/her life. Good luck and enjoy this time with your teen!

Scott Vien

Director, Delaware DMV