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Hunting At Bombay Hook & Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuges

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Stretched along the eastern coastline of Delaware near Milton and Smyrna and covering 26,000 acres, the Bombay Hook & Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuges provide habitat for a diversity of wildlife. Featuring tidal salt marshes, impounded marshes, timbered swamps, ponds, and upland areas of forests and fields, these refuges support an abundance of wildlife. Tens of thousands of waterfowl arrive in the fall and songbirds and shorebirds migrate through in the spring and summer. The refuges are also havens for wading birds, ospreys, bald eagles, and more. Deer, red foxes, beavers, and grassland birds are found on these refuges, as well as many species of turtles, fish, insects, non-poisonous snakes, frogs, and salamanders.

Game species are sought after by avid hunters on both refuges. Hunting, which is identified by the National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997 as one of the six wildlife-dependent recreational uses on refuges, is an important part of Delaware’s heritage and tradition. Public hunting opportunities are available for deer, upland game & webless migratory birds, and waterfowl on both refuges. A complete listing of hunting information and regulations can be accessed for Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge at or (302) 653-9345 and for Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge at or (302) 684-8419.

Prime Hook and Bombay Hook have a long standing history of partnering with the Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife. A few of the many examples of these conservation highlights include endangered species management, enhancing hunter education & hunting opportunities, improving wildlife habitat, and promoting outreach and environmental education.


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