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From the Director of the Division of Fish and Wildlife

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Director Image.jpgOn the 100 year anniversary of formal fish and wildlife conservation in Delaware, the Division of Fish and Wildlife is pleased to provide the 2011/2012 Delaware Hunting Guide. We are particularly proud of the enhanced quality of this year’s hunting guide, and hope that you find the document useful and attractive. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the helpful hunting, trapping, licensing, public land, and hunter education information contained within the guide.

If you enjoy hunting, Delaware is where you want to be! Delaware provides a variety of quality hunting opportunities in a diversity of habitats, ranging from our expansive forests and fields to our productive wetlands and waters. You can experience the excitement of big game hunting as you pursue the abundant white-tailed deer, the challenge and heritage of diverse waterfowl hunting, or the pleasure and tradition of small game hunting.

The Division’s professional staff is dedicated to helping you experience enjoyable, productive, and safe hunting trips. We provide vital habitat management, public land access, scientific research, licensing, education, and administrative services to properly manage, conserve, and provide access to our wildlife resources. Our hunting laws and regulations are designed to provide quality hunting and sustainable wildlife populations — both now and in the future — and our courteous enforcement agents ensure public cooperation to conserve our wildlife resources. Your license and stamp fees help support wildlife management and conservation, public hunting areas, and the many other services that we deliver to you.

Hunting in Delaware is a cherished and valued part of our culture, both as a recreational sport and as a family tradition. Looking to the future, make sure you “take a kid hunting” so that we can pass on our hunting traditions and heritage to future generations who will benefit from our current conservation efforts. Wishing you a memorable, safe, and productive hunting season…

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David E. Saveikis



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