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Wild Turkey

Hunting Regulations Icon Delaware Hunting

Turkey Season

Delaware’s 2017 spring wild turkey hunting season will run from April 8, 2017 – May 6, 2017. Private land hunters may hunt all 24 days of the season. Public land permits can only be used on the property for which they are issued. Applications must be received by January 8, 2017 to be processed for the lottery drawing.

Season segments A-D for Public Land
Permits are:

(A) April 8 – April 14

(B) April 15 – April 21

(C) April 22 – April 28

(D) April 29 – May 6

Youth Day: April 1, 2017

No Sunday Hunting

Turkey Hunting Hours

1/2 hour before sunrise until 1:00 p.m. All turkeys must be checked at an authorized turkey check station by 2:30 p.m. on the day the bird is killed.


Locations and hours will be posted on the Division’s website just prior to the season. Information can also be obtained by calling 735-3600 or 739-9912. See below for the list of tentative 2016 Turkey Checking Stations.

Legal Birds and Bag Limit

Bearded birds only. Bag limit is one turkey per year.


All non-electric calls will be legal. For safety reasons, hunters should not imitate the male gobbling call.

Legal Firearms, Bows, and Shot Sizes

  1. Shotguns – 20, 16, 12, 10 gauge – legal shot sizes: #4, #5, #6 lead or steel. 7 or 7 ½ shot may be used if it is part of a duplex or triplex load containing 4, 5, or 6 shot.
  2. Muzzleloaders – smoothbore muzzleloading shotguns only; #4, #5, #6 shot only.
  3. Longbow/compound/crossbow – Minimum broadhead width of 7/8 inches.
  4. Crossbows may be used for turkey hunting. Crossbows must meet the same standards as for deer hunting.


For safety reasons, it will be illegal to wear any visible garment having the colors red, white or blue.


Temporary blinds of vegetation or camouflage material are legal. Artificial turkey decoys are legal. Decoys may have no parts from a formerly live turkey.


Dogs or bait may not be used. Hunters may not drive turkeys or shoot them while they are at roost.


Both public and private land turkey hunters must carry proof of turkey hunting safety course completion. In addition, public land hunters must have an annual permit from the Division.

Public Land turkey Permits

A permit is needed to hunt turkey on public lands. See Public Land Turkey & Deer Application for the permit application form.

Youth/Non-Ambulatory Disabled
Turkey Hunt, April 1, 2017

Open statewide. Any youth from 10 years through 15 years and non-ambulatory disabled individuals may hunt. Young hunters must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older. Hunters 13-15 years old must have a valid Delaware junior hunting license and must have taken a Basic Hunter Safety course as well as a Delaware approved turkey hunter safety course.

The normal bag limits and regulations apply.

Adult companions must be licensed to hunt in Delaware (or exempt) and must have taken a Delaware approved turkey hunter safety class. Adult companions may not possess a firearm during the hunt. Young hunters must be of sufficient size and physical strength to safely handle a firearm.

  • All turkeys taken must be registered.
  • All state wildlife areas and state forests open for turkey hunting will be open for the Youth/Non-Ambulatory Disabled Turkey Hunt. Hunters may go to any areas they choose. If overcrowding occurs, the Division may add this hunt to its pre-season lottery system in future seasons.


During the months of July and August, the Division asks hunters and the general public to submit their observations of turkeys as part of an annual survey of the population. Survey forms may be found in June on the Division’s website at or may be obtained by calling (302) 735-3600.

2017 Delaware Turkey Hunting Check Stations*

Kent County

McKay Wildlife and Hunter Education Field Office

6180 Hay Point Landing Road, Smyrna

(Intersection of Route 9/Shorts Landing Road)

(302) 735-3600

Little Creek Wildlife Area Check Station

Route 9, Bayside Drive, Little Creek

(Just south of the Town of Little Creek)

(302) 739-4610

Williamsville Store

3544 Williamsville Road, Houston

(Intersection of Deep Grass Lane and Williamsville Road)

(302) 424-2277

First State Sporting Goods

825 Halltown Road, Marydel

(302) 343-9696

Miller’s Butcher Shop

577 Morgan’s Choice Road, Wyoming

(302) 697-8278

Delmarva Speed & Sport

689 Warner Road, Milford

(302) 424-1179

New Castle County

Ommelanden Hunter Education and Training Center

1205 River Road, New Castle, DE 19720
(302) 323-5333

Sussex County

Wildlife Recreations

9641 Tharp Road, Seaford

(302) 430-9453

Hook ‘Em and Cook ‘Em

3 York Beach Mall, Route 1, South Bethany

(302) 539-6243

B&D Sports Center

14882 Hardscrabble Road, Seaford

(302) 875-5600

Kelly’s Outdoors

29920 John H, Williams Hwy., Millsboro, DE 19966

(302) 934-7517

*NOTE: List of check stations subject to change without notice. Visit after April 1 for any changes. Hours may vary. Call the station where you will check a bird to confirm hours of operation.

Check station hours may vary, so hunters are advised to call the station where they are likely to check a bird to confirm the hours of operation. Hunters who want to have their bird scored and entered into the National Wild Turkey Federation records are reminded to have their bird’s live weight recorded on a certified scale. If the check station does not have a certified scale, hunters will have to go to another shop to have the turkey re-weighed.