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Keeping Common Species Common

Updating Delaware’s Wildlife Action Plan

The Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) is continuing its 2015 Delaware Wildlife Action Plan revision process. Over the past year we have made significant progress by working with conservation partners, wildlife experts, and other key stakeholders throughout the state and region to develop a comprehensive plan to conserve vulnerable wildlife and natural places, enhancing the quality of life in Delaware. The plan is non regulatory – it is a guide and template on how to keep common species common and prevent rare species from becoming endangered. This revision will update the 2005 assessment of Delaware’s wildlife and natural places, identify the problems they face, and outline actions needed to conserve them over the long term. This qualifies DNREC for matching Federal State Wildlife Action Grant program funds to support conservation of Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) and their habitats. This effort will continue to work with partners and stakeholders from agencies, universities, nongovernmental organizations, in both the public and private sectors to identify conservation issues and develop actions to conserve wildlife species and their habitats. It will serve as a blueprint for wildlife conservation for the state. Residents of Delaware play an important role in the revision of the Delaware Wildlife Action Plan and its successful implementation. Please visit to learn more about Delaware’s Wildlife Action Plan revision and find out how you can contribute to the process!

For more information, contact Joe Rogerson at 302-735-3600 or the DE Wildlife Action Plan Development Team at

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