Director’s Message

Hunting Regulations Icon Delaware Hunting

The promise of each new hunting season and the anticipation of adventure and a day afield with family or friends, and perhaps a trusted hunting dog, is a Delaware tradition. We, in the Division of Fish & Wildlife, take seriously the trust you place in us to manage wildlife and their habitats and to provide hunting and trapping opportunities, including on your extensive public wildlife areas.

Our ability to manage wildlife and their habitat and provide hunting opportunities for you has been enhanced through your investment of increased funding from last year’s hunting and trapping license fee increase, for which we thank you. We are putting these funds to good use to provide added value for your license purchase.

We have initiated regulation changes to expand hunting and trapping seasons statewide for those species whose populations can accommodate additional harvest, with those seasons anticipated to go into effect during the 2018/2019 hunting and trapping season after the required public process and input (season changes would be updated in the on-line version of this guide). We have also improved hunter access, opened additional areas and enhanced wildlife habitat on your state wildlife areas, with more planned.

On behalf of Delaware’s wildlife and wild places, the division thanks you for your trust in us and your investment in hunting and trapping, wildlife conservation and public wildlife areas. Enjoy Delaware’s great outdoors and have a successful and safe hunting and trapping season as We Bring you Delaware’s Great Outdoors through Science and Service.

David E. Saveikis – Director