Director’s Message

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Hunting, trapping and wildlife conservation go together. Quality hunting and trapping depends on plentiful wildlife throughout the state and hunting opportunities on public lands. Wildlife in turn depends on the stewardship of hunters, trappers and other conservationists, which includes financially investing in wildlife and public lands.

Hunting and trapping license revenues, combined with funds derived from special federal taxes on hunting and shooting equipment purchases, provide the majority of the funding used for wildlife conservation and public wildlife area management.

In the tradition of this “user pay, user benefit” funding approach, the price of most hunting and trapping licenses increased on July 1, 2017, to help meet the rising costs of wildlife conservation and public wildlife area management. Also, a new Conservation Access Pass will be required for vehicles used to access public wildlife areas; a vehicle pass can be obtained free of charge with the purchase of a hunting license or directly purchased by other wildlife area users.

We are committed to and will be providing added value for your investment by expanding hunting seasons and by enhancing habitat and access facilities on public wildlife areas with the help of these increased revenues.

On behalf of Delaware’s wildlife and wild places, the division thanks you for your financial investment in wildlife conservation and public wildlife areas. Enjoy Delaware’s great outdoors, made possible with your support.

David E. SaveikisDirector