Delaware Waterfowl (Duck) Stamp Program

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The Division of Fish & Wildlife, in partnership with Delaware Ducks Unlimited, began the waterfowl stamp and print program in 1980 to raise funds for waterfowl conservation, including acquiring and improving the wetland habitats that are vital for the survival of migratory waterfowl. These funds improve waterfowl habitat in Delaware and Canada and help to ensure that waterfowl species will prosper and provide enjoyment for generations to come.

All 2019 entries submitted had to depict and Long-tailed Duck (Old Squaw) and a Black Labrador Retriever. The 2019 prints and stamps (as well as the 2017 and 2018 prints and stamps) will be available July 1, 2019. After June 30, 2019 the 2016 prints and stamps will be destroyed in accordance with the waterfowl stamp program policy. For information on the Delaware Waterfowl Stamp Program or to reserve and purchase prints/stamps, contact the Division at (302) 739-9918 or visit our website: http:// de.gov/waterfowlstamp.