A Message from the Director

Hunting Regulations Icon Delaware Hunting

While Delaware is a small state, we have great hunting and trapping opportunities for a variety of abundant wildlife game species. Science guides the Division of Fish & Wildlife as we manage and sustain these game populations throughout the state, establishing the Diamond State as a gem for resident and nonresident hunters and trappers.

Our robust white-tailed deer population provides exceptional hunting, both for number and quality of deer, with additional deer harvest needed to manage the herd in balance with their habitats. Deer hunting opportunities have been greatly expanded with the opening of all Sundays during the five month deer hunting season, and by authorizing the use of additional firearms during certain deer hunting seasons. Delaware’s quality waterfowl hunting is legendary on our extensive wetlands and waterways. Our wild turkey population has been restored through conservation investments, providing exciting hunting each spring. And we are working to provide new and additional hunting seasons and opportunities in the near future.

Hunting and trapping opportunities are available on our nearly 62,000 acres of public wildlife areas located throughout the state that are open and managed for you, the hunter and trapper. We continue to improve access on these wildlife areas, where we are also expanding habitat for small game species, including bobwhite quail.

I encourage you to make the most of hunting and trapping opportunities in Delaware, whether you are local or from out of state. Have a successful and safe hunting and trapping season as We Bring you Delaware’s Great Outdoors through Science and Service.

David E. Saveikis – Director