Non-tidal Seasons, Size, and Creel Limits

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Atlantic tunas, swordfish and billfish*Special permit required – All private vessel owners/operators recreationally fishing for and/or retaining regulated Atlantic Highly Migratory Species (Atlantic tunas, sharks, swordfish and billfish) for personal use in the Atlantic Ocean must obtain an Atlantic Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Angling Permit. Further limits and restrictions apply. Consult hmspermits.noaa.gov or call toll free (888) 872-8862 for specific information and permits.

All seasons & limits subject to change.

Non-Tidal Waters


Open Season

Minimum Size

Daily Limit

Largemouth bass

All year

12 inches; except 15 inches in Becks Pond

6; except 2 from Becks Pond

Smallmouth bass

All year

None between 12 – 17 inches

6 (no more than 1 > 17 inches)

Striped bass hybrid (Only occur in
Lums Pond)

All year

15 inches


Panfish (white perch, yellow perch, crappie, bluegill & pumpkinseed)

All year


50 (no more than 25 of one species)

Trout (special rules apply, Freshwater Trout Fishing)

Streams open 1st Sat.
in April

Ponds open 1st Sat.
in March


6 (4 in fly-fishing only waters)