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Fishing Photo Contest Winners

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The Division of Fish and Wildlife held its fourth annual Fishing Photo Contest in 2014. The contest theme was, “Taking Action for Conservation.” Entry photos had to be taken in Delaware and depict anglers participating in fishing activities. Division of Fish and Wildlife Director David Saveikis and local photographers Tony Pratt and Freda Barrett, both DNREC employees, served as judges and reviewed the 23 entries received. First place was awarded to Amy Baldwin of Newark. Amy took a photo of Kevin, Ella and Mason Baldwin surf fishing at the Faithful Steward crossing at Delaware Seashore State Park. Second place was awarded to Angela Garcia of Smyrna. The photograph shows her son Dominic Garcia enjoying a day fishing at the Aquatic Resource Education Center pond at Woodland Beach Wildlife Area.

In addition, three honorable mentions were selected and are presented here:

Ella Baldwin Photo by Amy Baldwin

Hannah Zhao Photo by Hong Zhao

Christopher Hasley Photo by Jason Gary

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