A Message from the Director

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Over the years, I have addressed in this column numerous ways the Division of Fish & Wildlife works to improve and maximize your Delaware fishing experience. These services put your fishing license dollars to work for you, and include using science and regulations to manage sustainable fish populations, creating artificial reef habitats, providing first-class fishing and boating access to our many waterways and improving our popular Sport Fishing Tournament.

An important and often overlooked part of delivering quality fishing and fishing access for you is our dedicated fisheries program staff. These individuals have a passion for fish biology, fisheries management and providing fishing access that helps you spend quality time on the water. They live and breathe fish and fishing, both professionally and personally. It is a way of life and in their DNA. So the next time you make a successful catch or otherwise enjoy a day fishing, take a moment and thank our fisheries program staff.

The Division of Fish & Wildlife and its dedicated and passionate staff are committed to providing you quality fishing opportunities and experiences, as We Bring You Delaware’s Great Outdoors through Science and Service.

As an avid Delaware angler for many years, I hope to see you on the water. “Tight lines” this fishing season…

David E. Saveikis