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Wild Turkey Hunting

Turkey Season

Delaware’s 2014 spring wild turkey hunting season will run from April 12, 2014 to May 10, 2014. Private land hunters may hunt all 25 days of the season. Public land permits can only be used on the property for which they are issued. Applications must be received by January 10, 2014 to be processed for the lottery drawing.

Season segments A-D for Public Land
Permits are:

(A) April 12 – 18

(B) April 19 – 25

(C) April 26 – May 2

(D) May 3 – May 10

Youth Day: April 5

No Sunday Hunting

Turkey Hunting Hours

1/2 hour before sunrise until 1:00 p.m. All turkeys must be checked at an authorized turkey check station by 2:30 p.m. on the day the bird is killed.


Locations and hours will be posted on the Division’s website just prior to the season. Information can also be obtained by calling 735-3600 or 739-9912.

Legal Birds and Bag Limit

Bearded birds only. Bag limit is one turkey per year.


All non-electric calls will be legal. For safety reasons, hunters should not imitate the male gobbling call.

Legal Firearms, Bows, and Shot Sizes

  1. Shotguns – 20, 16, 12, 10 gauge – legal shot sizes: #4, #5, #6 lead or steel. 7 or 7 ½ shot may be used if it is part of a duplex or triplex load containing 4, 5, or 6 shot.
  2. Muzzleloaders – smoothbore muzzleloading shotguns only; #4, #5, #6 shot only.
  3. Longbow/compound/crossbow – Minimum broadhead width of 7/8 inches.
  4. Crossbows may be used for turkey hunting. Crossbows must meet the same standards as for deer hunting.


For safety reasons, it will be illegal to wear any visible garment having the colors red, white or blue.


Temporary blinds of vegetation or camouflage material are legal. Artificial turkey decoys are legal. Decoys may have no parts from a formerly live turkey.


Dogs or bait may not be used. Hunters may not drive turkeys or shoot them while they are at roost.


Private land turkey hunters must carry proof of turkey hunting safety course completion. Public land hunters must have an annual permit from the Division.

Public Land turkey Permits

A permit is needed to hunt turkey public lands. See page 33 for the permit application form. The number of permits issued for each public hunting area by season segments A, B, C & D is as follows:

Sussex County

Assawoman WA – 2, Marshy Hope WA – 3, Midlands WA – 6, Nanticoke WA – 8, Old Furnace WA – 6, Industrial Forest (Whitesville, Edwin Bell, Ralph’s Corner) – 6, Prime Hook State WA – 1, Redden State Forest –30, Taber SF – 2, Industrial Forest (Barr Complex) – 4

Kent County

Blackiston WA – 3, Little Creek WA – 5, Milford Neck WA – 7, Woodland Beach WA – 3, Norman G. Wilder WA – 7, Ted Harvey WA – 2, Urban/Fortney WA – 2

New Castle County

Blackbird SF – 6, Cedar Swamp WA – 3, Blackbird Reserve WA – 2, C&D Canal – 3, Augustine – 1

Youth/Non-Ambulatory Disabled Turkey Hunt, April 5, 2014

Open statewide. Any youth from 10 years to 15 years and non-ambulatory disabled individuals may hunt. Young hunters must be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older. Hunters 13-15 years old must have a valid Delaware junior hunting license and must have taken a Basic Hunter Safety course as well as a Delaware approved turkey hunter safety course.

The normal bag limits and regulations apply.

Adult companions must be licensed to hunt in Delaware and must have taken a Delaware approved turkey hunter safety class. Adult companions may not possess a firearm during the hunt. Young hunters must be of sufficient size and physical strength to safely handle a firearm.

  • All turkeys taken must be registered.

Delaware Bayshore Initiative

Rich Natural Resources

The Delaware Bayshore is recognized as an area of global ecological significance for its expansive coastal habitats and abundant wildlife and fish found throughout the region. The wild and scenic beauty of the area draws people to the Bayshore for recreational activities such as fishing, hunting, birding, boating, kayaking and other forms of ecotourism.


The Delaware Bayshore Initiative is geared toward conserving the area’s natural lands and waters, while also preserving the agricultural and maritime character of the landscape. The Initiative seeks to encourage Delawareans and visitors to pursue outdoor adventures along the Bayshore by enhancing access on public lands while protecting sensitive species and habitats. The Initiative is also working to strengthen the area’s towns and communities by encouraging local economic development, improving visitor facilities and promoting volunteerism and environmental education.

Take the Bayshore Survey

DNREC is inviting recreational users of public lands along the DE Bayshore to participate in a survey to help the Bayshore Initiative Team with planning and implementing investments and projects in the Bayshore region. To take the survey, visit the Bayshore Initiative website:

Download Turkey Observation Form

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