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Stand Up for Elk, Moose, and Deer


Important decisions about the management of wolves will soon be made by the United States Fish & Wildlife Service, which means that sportsmen who care about big game need to take action now. Wildlife advocacy group Big Game Forever needs … Continue reading

Eaten Alive! Coyotes and Wolves Attack

SD MZ 2012 003

The predator/prey relationship can be so difficult to watch that many animal lovers choose not to think about it. The kills most often shown television are of lions, cheetahs, or American mountain lions using their crushing jaws to break an … Continue reading

Targeting Wolves in Whitetail Season


Large predators have an incredible impact on the population of prey species, especially in the spring, when they kill defenseless fawns and calves. Wolf lovers should remember the plight of the dodo bird and the short-sighted humans who reasoned, “So we … Continue reading

Hunters Organize to Control Wolves


“America’s hunting heritage is under attack from extreme organizations that seek to eliminate hunting by limiting opportunity and access for all Americans. Their efforts to oppose the removal of wolves from the Endangered Species List contradict sound science, which has … Continue reading

Gray Wolves Near Delisting

Gray_Wolf Photo by John and Karen Hollingsworth Courtesy of USFWS

Nearly two decades after their populations were reestablished, grey wolves may be delisted as an endangered species, meaning protection would be lifted in the 48 contiguous states. Restored to western states after being hunted to extinction, wolves now number in … Continue reading

Wolves Kill Iconic Yellowstone Elk


One of the most controversial introductions in North America has been the transplanting of wolves from Canada into Yellowstone National Park. Man was once the ultimate predator and manager of the large mammals found there, but it’s now the wolf … Continue reading