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How to Catch More Trout


What better way to spend a spring morning than trout fishing, especially after we’ve been blasted by the coldest winter in memory. Ralph Schereder spends 50–60 days trout fishing each year and loves to catch fish. This Bait Fisherman article isn’t about … Continue reading

Is It Safe to Eat That Fish?


Eating recreationally caught fish can be a healthy and tasty activity when you have the proper information. The following section should alleviate most anglers’ concerns about eating wild-caught fish. It’s all about a person’s exposure to contaminants over time. The two … Continue reading

Youth Trout Day OK’d in PA

YOUTHFISHCHALL_HOME_PIC0003097 Photo by Wyoming Game and Fish

One of the best ways to start hunting or fishing is to find a mentor to serve as a guide. The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission is rewarding youth who want to try fishing with a mentor by opening a … Continue reading

Rainbow Trout Devours Rodents

rainbow-trout-shrews Photo by Alaska Department of Fish and Game

If you’ve ever tended a garden, you’ve likely encountered shrews and the havoc they wreak with their tunneling, chewing, and ruining of plants. Getting a cat is the common solution for taming shrews and other similar critters like moles, voles, … Continue reading