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Create the Safest Tree Stand Ever

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A tree stand is the most dangerous place a hunter will climb; I’ll bet you know of people who have been injured from tree-stand falls. To combat this ongoing problem, Ameristep has introduced the Hurricane Safety System at the 2014 Shot Show. … Continue reading

Hot Products from the SHOT Trade Show

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The Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT) amasses 50,000 industry specialists for the introduction of scores of new products. Griffin’s Guide Editor Joe Byers is attending the show to capture some of the hottest new products and report about … Continue reading

5 Tips for All-Day Sits

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Patience and persistence are key elements for successful deer hunting. You can have the greatest stand in the land, but if you’re not there when that monster walks by, success eludes you. As the rut heats up and more hunters … Continue reading

Cell Phone Tips for Hunters


A cell phone may be one of the last things you’d want to take to your deer stand, but as annoying as the tiny machines can be, there are a number of cool activities you can do as you wait for … Continue reading

Don’t Stink Up Your Stand


Total human scent elimination may be impossible, yet reducing it dramatically can save a hunt. If a deer hears a gunshot a mile away, it may look up, but then behave normally, because it does not perceive a threat. If … Continue reading

Countdown to Opening Day

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Think of your opening day hunt as a Google Earth search: Whether you’re after whitetail deer, elk, antelope, or other game, begin with the big picture and work your way down to the arrow’s release. Houston, we have launch in: 10. … Continue reading

Great Tree Stands for Fall


Whitetail deer have the keenest senses of all big-game animals. Sneaking up on one is extremely difficult — so tough, in fact, that most hunters don’t try. An elevated tree stand is the universal answer, giving a hunter a good … Continue reading

How to Score on “Blindside” Bucks

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Leaves crunch behind your stand. Rather than turn around and find a squirrel for the fifth time this day, you choose to sit motionless. Suddenly, a glint of antlers catches the corner of your eye. You spring into action before the … Continue reading