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How to Fix Leaky Boots in a Flash

boot2011_intro Photo by Outdoor Life

No matter the weather, when you’re prepared for hot, cold, or wet conditions, your whole outdoor experience will be more enjoyable. For anglers, hunters, and any outdoor adventurer who may endure wet weather, there’s one main factor that can ruin … Continue reading

Three Green Fishing Habits

Anglers Photo by Andre Factory - Creative Commons

Waste not, want not. It’s an idiom most people hear countless times as a child, with parents encouraging them to eat all their dinner or save scraps of fabric to use later instead of throwing them out. When there’s plenty, … Continue reading

Should You Keep Your Catch?

stelprdb5329840 Photo by USDA Forest Service

Catch and release fishing is a common practice among anglers, one that is credited for aiding in the conservation of fish and preventing overharvesting. There are plenty of tips about proper catch and release techniques, from fishing with barbless hooks … Continue reading

Five Summer Redfishing Tips

redfish_HANSON-300x223 Photo by TakeMeFishing

Redfish are fun to catch and good to eat, making them popular among anglers. These fish also are known for fighting hard and being willing to take many kinds of bait. If you’re looking for an exciting, saltwater-fishing trip, consider … Continue reading

Fishing Fun for the Whole Family

rodeo8 Fishing Photo by SCDNR

While school is out and the daily vibe is generally more relaxed than the rest of the year, summer is a prime time to have fun with your family. If you’re looking for fun family activities that don’t involve standing … Continue reading