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Are You Ready For an AR?


Call them black guns, ARs, or the modern sporting rifles, but this new-style rifle is working its way into the mainstream of shooting and hunting. If you’re unfamiliar with this type of rifle, you may think it’s very high powered … Continue reading

Muzzle Protection Made Easy

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Bad weather and muzzleloading aren’t a good mix, as rain or snow can easily contaminate your powder if it finds its way down the barrel. One of the tried and true methods of preventing moisture contamination — as well as … Continue reading

Stalking “Little Grizz”


Call them groundhogs, woodchucks, whistle pigs, or whatever,  grizzled populations of Marnota monax can be a challenge to control. Archers may have 3-D targets to help them tune their hunting and shooting skills, but firearm sportsmen use this often-detested pest to … Continue reading

Take a Bite Out of High Ammo Prices


Americans have, unfortunately, become accustomed to gasoline shortages that cause prices to soar for often-mysterious reasons. But the recent run on ammunition has many in the shooting and hunting fraternity scratching their heads. Whether the threat to ammunition supply is … Continue reading

Five Tips For More Accurate Shooting

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Rifle and ammunition technologies have increased enough that many of today’s rifle offerings pledge Minute of Angle (one-inch) groups right out of the box. By hand-loading ammo and selecting specific ammunition, you’ll more easily shoot sub-MOA groups with these newer … Continue reading

How to Avoid “Scope Eye”


Big guns can be fun to shoot, yet painful and dangerous if the scope provides insufficient eye relief. If a buddy offers a chance to shoot his favorite cannon and you are unsure about the scope, do the four-finger (FF) … Continue reading