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3 Important Pre-Hunt Tips

CO Rifle Elk 2013 183

If you’ll be hunting out of state this year, the time just prior to the hunt can be very productive for three important reasons. First and paramount is to check the zero on your scope to be sure your rifle … Continue reading

Red Dot Scopes for Crossbows

Aimpoint crossbow 005

“How you practice is how you play.” This popular sports slogan applies to archery and hunting in particular. When a turkey gobbles, a buck grunts, or an elk bugles, you can expect your heart to pound and your blood pressure … Continue reading

How to Avoid “Scope Eye”


Big guns can be fun to shoot, yet painful and dangerous if the scope provides insufficient eye relief. If a buddy offers a chance to shoot his favorite cannon and you are unsure about the scope, do the four-finger (FF) … Continue reading