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Salmon Season Gets Underway


I wrote earlier about how the severe drought in California had scientists and anglers alike worried about salmon returns. Several rivers are at record low levels, and have been closed to fishing. The worry is that the fish won’t be … Continue reading

Salmon Fishing Spot Threatened

31lb chinook salmon caught near Buoy 10 area

The Columbia River is a large river that forms the western boundary between Southern Washington State and Northern Oregon. Thousands of migrating salmon enter the Columbia River each year as they migrate into the upper tributaries of the river to … Continue reading

Undoing the Damage to Salmon Habitats


In the rush to develop land for commercial and residential use, and to tame rivers to generate electricity, a lot of traditional habitat for salmon was destroyed. In recent years, thanks to the popularity of sport fishing (and the dollars … Continue reading

Salmon Fishing’s Hail-Mary Pass

salmoncliff5 Photo by Kirk Deeter Field and Stream

How many times have you fished for and caught salmon with the exact setup and technique you planned to use? Chances are, you’ve likely had to change your plans quite often to catch fish. How many times have you exhausted … Continue reading