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End-of-Season Whitetail Tactics


With the rut fading into history, whitetail deer hunters have to modify their tactics as deer behavior changes.  Those bucks that survived opening day won’t be rut crazed and acting careless any longer, yet another lesser rut is on the … Continue reading

How to Use a Grunt Tube

SD Deer 2013 2 081

Of all the rut trick tools a hunter can employ, a grunt tube is one of the easiest to use and can be the most effective. As with any device, you may worry about improper calling that may actually be chasing deer away … Continue reading

Understanding the Rut

TX Deer 06 095

Few events cause more conversation among deer hunters than the onset of the rut. Some believe that a sudden onset of cold weather will initiate breeding activity and, conversely, warm weather may delay it. Others believe that moon phases are … Continue reading

A Trail Camera Timeline for November


Whitetail deer behavior changes more in November than any other month. Bucks that have been absent from fields and deer woods suddenly seem to appear. Trees become rubbed, the ground pawed as bucks make scrapes and search for receptive does, … Continue reading

How to Hunt the Rut

fightclubsound2 Photo by John Eriksson Images on the Wildside

For hunters, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. Once you figure out the gear you like and the places to like to hunt, changing spots, stands, and tactics can be tough. Adapting to changes in your … Continue reading

Video: How to Make a Mock Scrape


Many of America’s most successful hunters are aggressive. They don’t just wait for a big buck to walk by; they’ll take specific steps to lure a deer into range by using calls, lures, rattling, and other rut tricks. One time-proven method … Continue reading

Elk Calls Throughout the Season

Colorado Elk 2010 498

Wayne Carlton, shown directly above, is one of America’s greatest callers, a man who popularized the elk diaphragm for elk nearly 20 years ago. Even great callers can call too much, and Carlton is quick to suggest moderation in most calling situations. … Continue reading