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Restoring the New England Cottontail


The New England cottontail (NEC) is the Northeast’s only native cottontail. Once common, it is presently being considered for protection under the federal Endangered Species Act. Largely due to degraded and disappearing habitat, the range of this species in New … Continue reading

The Top 5 Hunting Locations in the U.S.

An elk in Northwest Montana

The number of places to hunt in the United States is endless. From coast to coast, our country provides a variety of hunting destinations to satisfy any outdoorsman. But you aren’t looking for any old destination; you want the best … Continue reading

How to Hunt Rabbits

rabbit Photo by Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

Rabbit hunting is one of the best ways to introduce new hunters and kids to hunting and, when done right, is not only fun but safe. Turkey Country‘s Mark Fike says there are two ways to harvest cottontails, the most … Continue reading