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QDMA Deer Steward Course Available


If you love deer hunting, you may want to take your skills to the next level by becoming a trained deer steward. You not only receive extensive training in raising and managing whitetail deer, but this year’s participants get a … Continue reading

Whitetail Deer: The Big Picture

Deer 06 052

Did you ever wonder which states harvest the most mature deer (those 3.5 years and older)? How has hemorrhagic disease affected the deer population of your state, or the one where you plan to hunt? Curious about trends in deer … Continue reading

Understand the Patterns of Mature Bucks


A mature buck is every deer hunter’s dream for body size, antler size, and the pure thrill of outsmarting one of nature’s craftiest creatures. Mature bucks are almost mystical; not a lot is known of their travel patterns and habits. Deer-hunting … Continue reading

Recruit QDMA Members to Win Prizes

Photo by Marion Richardson

Hunters were the first and remain the best conservationists, not only investing hard-earned money in license fees, taxes, hunting gear, and more, but by recruiting the next generation of hunters to conserve wildlife, land, and water resources. Now, in celebration … Continue reading

Get Cash for Wildlife Management Projects

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Spring and early summer are ideal times to begin habitat development projects, and you’ll be amazed how many ways you can improve your habitat for deer and other wildlife species. Quality Deer Management Association provides a comprehensive list of funding sources to … Continue reading

Introduce a Child to the Hunting Life


Introducing a youngster to the hunting world can change the course of his or her life and lay a foundation of enjoyment and conservation involvement. The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) hosts an annual four-day event, immersing youngsters in world of … Continue reading