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Jerky 101


An investment in a quality food dehydrator will pay for itself after only a few years of passing on the convenience store jerky and/or not paying the premium at your deer butcher. We all love beef jerky, but commercial jerky … Continue reading

More Hunters Motivated to Harvest Meat

SD Muz Deer 2013 329

As the holidays grow near and the prospects of larger family gatherings increase, you can bet that a discussion about hunting will emerge. There are usually a few nay-sayers among the crowd. (Hopefully, you won’t have to discuss the merits … Continue reading

Deer: The Unlikely Carnivore


Whitetail deer… they fascinate us, challenge us, even nourish us. Outdoors-oriented men and women just can’t get enough. We love to observe them, hunt them, and read about them. Outdoor magazines have long known that a picture of a big … Continue reading