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Lights Out for Deer Spotlighting?

Spotlighting deer photo by Outdoor Hub

Spotlighting deer is illegal when hunting, but the practice is legal — and beloved by many hunters — in Pennsylvania. Recreational spotlighting, known as “spotting,” is a common practice by hunters, kids, and families who enjoy looking for wildlife at … Continue reading

Should Hunting Be Allowed On Sunday?

Howared 284

In 11 states, the answer to this question is “No,” yet social media is playing a role in changing attitudes and, potentially, legislation. In Georgia, for example, the powerful Farm Bureau opposes the legalization of Sunday hunting presenting a serious … Continue reading

After Your Hunt: Keep It Legal

Texas turkey hunt Photo by: Ray L. Riojas

You spend a lot of time preparing for your next hunt: You’ve tested your equipment to make sure it’s working, you’ve scouted a prime location… Perhaps you’ve even made travel arrangements for your hunt of a lifetime. When that gobbler … Continue reading