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A Quality Sheath for Every Knife

Treestump Leather Sheath newmar06 Photo by Treestump Leather

You may well have a knife or two that are works of art. Maybe they’re of sentimental value to you, and you’re likely to never part with them. But what about the sheaths? Do they fit well? Are they well … Continue reading

BLADE Magazine Names the Knife of the Year

Kershaw Zero Tolerance 0454 Photo by 2BrothersKnife.com

A quality knife can prove an invaluable tool whether you’re in the kitchen or in the field. BLADE magazine agrees, and each year honors top knives rated on factors including utility, design, creativity, materials, aesthetics, and feel. Kershaw’s Zero Tolerance … Continue reading

Recruit QDMA Members to Win Prizes

Photo by Marion Richardson

Hunters were the first and remain the best conservationists, not only investing hard-earned money in license fees, taxes, hunting gear, and more, but by recruiting the next generation of hunters to conserve wildlife, land, and water resources. Now, in celebration … Continue reading

Tips For Safe Travel With Knives


For many hunters, fishers, campers, farmers, and virtually all outdoor-minded people, having a knife in your pocket is as natural as having a wallet in your back pocket. Personally, I was a public school principal for more than 20 years and … Continue reading