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Kayak Angler Lands Snook-a-saurus


There aren’t a lot of second chances in life or fishing. Big fish get that way because they’re smarter and tougher than the rest of their brethren. Typically, if you don’t convert that one big bite, you don’t get a … Continue reading

Sure-Fire Kayak Trolling Tactics


It’s hard enough managing a trolling spread behind a boat without tangling lines. You need to vary the placement of each line. It also helps to use different lures that track at different depths. Inevitably, on the open party boats … Continue reading

Bang-for-the-Buck Kayaks


I don’t get out on a kayak often. When I do, though, I find it very enjoyable. When I ride the open-party sportboats, I take it for granted that the captain is going to put me in a position to … Continue reading

Video: Kayaker vs. Two Fish in Epic Battle


Targeting billfish in a kayak is a dangerous proposition. It’s not something to be taken lightly. Typically, the fish are bigger than the boat. You could easily be capsized, speared, or any number of life-threatening situations. Now imagine this scenario: … Continue reading

Shark Chomps Tardin Tuna


For most kayak anglers, catching a yellowfin tuna would be the high point of their fishing career after many years enlisted in the plastic navy. Some places lend themselves to bigger action, though. One such place is off the coast … Continue reading