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Harvest Your Own Holiday Turkey

TurkeyHunter2_web Photo by Arizona Game and Fish Department

With increasing numbers of people wanting to know the origins of their food, and some going so far as to describe themselves as “locavores,” it’s impossible to ignore the fact that hunters are champions of the field-to-table movement. If you’re … Continue reading

How to Tie a Bobbin Knot


An angler is only as strong as the knot holding his catch on the line while he reels it in. When you’re holding a monster catch on the line, the last lesson you want to learn is that your knot … Continue reading

12 Tips for Better Fishing Photos

anglerbsb Photo by New York Department of Environmental Conservation

“It was THIS big!” Gone are the days when a sardine-sized catch could be transformed into a whale-sized trophy through the art of story telling — and a lack of photographic evidence. Digital cameras may have, for the most part, … Continue reading

Dipsy Divers: Small Disk, Big Results


For salmon and trout anglers looking to catch more fish (and who isn’t?), Captain Lou Borrelli has two words for you: Dipsy Diver. About the size of a small saucer or a softball, this flat disk enables anglers to troll … Continue reading

Be a Good Neighbor at the Gun Range

Gun-Range-2-1 Photo by RG Ratana

For most people, learning manners is part of growing up. Remembering and using those manners in adulthood is an entirely different matter. Though most people are taught from an early age to leave elbows off the table and not talk … Continue reading

How to Hunt the Rut

fightclubsound2 Photo by John Eriksson Images on the Wildside

For hunters, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. Once you figure out the gear you like and the places to like to hunt, changing spots, stands, and tactics can be tough. Adapting to changes in your … Continue reading

How to Buy the Right Blind

Hog hunting in Trinity Texas.

You may bowhunt from a treestand or prefer the run-and-gun method, but chances are you’ll hunt from a blind at least a few times in your hunting career. Blinds are especially helpful if you’re hunting with children or other novice … Continue reading

Strategies for Bowhunting Bears

Black Bear Photo by Charles (Chuck) Peterson - Creative Commons

For hunters of deer, wild turkeys, and other big game, hunting black bears can be the ultimate in exciting hunts. When planning a bear hunt, as with any hunt, you’ll want to ensure you have the right bow, arrows, broad … Continue reading

How to Dog-Hunt Fall Gobblers

Photo by Carrie Wilson California  Department of Fish and Game

There are many ways to bag a wild turkey during the fall season. If you’re planning a longbeard hunt this fall, you’ve likely studied and practiced your calling for hours and readied your hunting gear for the big day. There’s … Continue reading

Plant Acorns for Better Habitat


Staying a step ahead of the game will give you a distinct advantage when hunting. You take great care to scout deer, identify their bedding sites and travel routes, place your stands where you’ll have “good wind,” and research the … Continue reading