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The Top 5 Hunting Locations in the U.S.

An elk in Northwest Montana

The number of places to hunt in the United States is endless. From coast to coast, our country provides a variety of hunting destinations to satisfy any outdoorsman. But you aren’t looking for any old destination; you want the best … Continue reading

12 New Waterfowl Guns for 2013

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Waterfowl hunting requires specific gear, and the shotgun you carry to the pit, blind, or boat may be the most important piece. There are a lot of elements to consider when selecting a new shotgun. New high-speed steel shot shells … Continue reading

The Key Secret to Downing Geese


For quicker, cleaner kills on early-season honkers, take a page from the wild turkey playbook. Like geese, turkeys are large, heavily feathered birds, so downing them with body shots is difficult, and can detract from the dinner-table result. Spring gobblers … Continue reading

5 Tips for Early-Season Geese


Traditional goose hunting happens on cold winter days with massive spreads of decoys, tons of preparation, and the necessity for great calling skills. Early season is just the opposite. Many farm, ranch, and small-plot owners welcome goose hunters because the birds … Continue reading

Why You Should Support Waterfowl Habitat


Food plots for whitetail deer have become common across the nation, with many hunt clubs and individual conservation-minded sportsmen devoting hours of time and investing precious dollars to enrich the habitat of their favorite hunting species. Although providing habitat for … Continue reading

Turkeys, Duck Too: Beretta A400 Xtreme


Waterfowl and turkey shotguns have a lot in common.  Each must help camouflage your location from incredibly keen vision, handle heavy shotgun loads, be effective at maximum range and have multiple shot capabilities.  Beretta introduces it’s Ultimate Waterfowler shotgun, the … Continue reading

Great Duck & Goose Days Remembered

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A Visual Bridge to Great Flocks and Flights Spring is a difficult time for waterfowlers with many of your favorite species headed north and languishing long months until opening season. Luckily, many of the thrills and challenges of duck and … Continue reading