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Predator Season in Full Swing


Trapping and predator season are in full swing as Rich Faler shows in the above photo. Faler trapped his limit of one bobcat in Pennsylvania and describes it in a Facebook post: Got my Pennsylvania bobcat today. We’re only allowed … Continue reading

The Prime Time to Hunt Predators


For everything, there is a season. The old saying couldn’t be more true than when it comes to hunting. There are seasons when the whole Earth seems to be in bloom, when weather is mild, and when wildlife abounds. Then … Continue reading

Learn How to Take More Predators

Howard Photos 2 155

Now’s a great time to call predators. With food supplies only now recovering from the cold-weather season, you may cause a wily coyote to let its guard down. In addition, you can do some early-season turkey scouting at the same … Continue reading