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Is It Safe to Eat That Fish?


Eating recreationally caught fish can be a healthy and tasty activity when you have the proper information. The following section should alleviate most anglers’ concerns about eating wild-caught fish. It’s all about a person’s exposure to contaminants over time. The two … Continue reading

Wild-Game Meat + Bacon = Awesome


Everybody loves bacon, right? It seems most meals can be heartily improved by adding bacon strips or bits, and that wild game you just snagged is no exception. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your next wild-game … Continue reading

New Wild Game Recipe Site


Wild game is the ultimate health food — just check out the catfish cakes shown above! It’s usually local in nature, completely organic, with no additives or preservatives, low in fat and cholesterol, fun to bring home, and a boost … Continue reading