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Post-Hunt Gear Maintenance

IMG_3825.2 Photo by NosweatGear

You can own the best hunting equipment money can buy, but just like letting a nice vehicle fall into disrepair, failing to maintain your hunting gear will turn your prized gun into a bucket of rust. And who really needs … Continue reading

Harvest Your Own Holiday Turkey

TurkeyHunter2_web Photo by Arizona Game and Fish Department

With increasing numbers of people wanting to know the origins of their food, and some going so far as to describe themselves as “locavores,” it’s impossible to ignore the fact that hunters are champions of the field-to-table movement. If you’re … Continue reading

Strategies for Bowhunting Bears

Black Bear Photo by Charles (Chuck) Peterson - Creative Commons

For hunters of deer, wild turkeys, and other big game, hunting black bears can be the ultimate in exciting hunts. When planning a bear hunt, as with any hunt, you’ll want to ensure you have the right bow, arrows, broad … Continue reading

How to Hunt Elusive Bucks


It’s a well-known fact among hunters that large, older deer make for tougher hunting because they’re smart enough to have avoided hunters and predators for multiple seasons. Field & Stream‘s Scott Bestul says that there’s likely a “hermit buck” on … Continue reading

Do UV Lures Work?

FISHING_HOME_PIC30002965 Photo by Wyoming Gme and Fish Department

Many anglers have their tried-and-true, standby lures that they know will work in any given condition. Other anglers constantly search for the next big thing, the up-and-coming lure that’s sure to get them more big-fish bites than ever. Though UV … Continue reading

Top 3 Big-League Hunting Bargains

Money Photo by 401(K) @012 - Creative Commons

As with any sport, you can spend thousands of dollars every year on hunting. New camouflage, scents, stands, calls, and other costs add up quickly. And similar to other sports, it’s easy to assume that the more you spend — … Continue reading

The New Gear You Crave

turtle_shell speaker Photo by Outdoor Technology

Part of the fun and challenge of preparing for hunting season is scoping out new gear. Field and Stream‘s Slaton L. White attended the Outdoor Retailer Show and chose some of his favorite finds for hunters. From items that help … Continue reading

Salmon Fishing’s Hail-Mary Pass

salmoncliff5 Photo by Kirk Deeter Field and Stream

How many times have you fished for and caught salmon with the exact setup and technique you planned to use? Chances are, you’ve likely had to change your plans quite often to catch fish. How many times have you exhausted … Continue reading

10 Most Amazing Shark Stories and Videos

Shark Photo by Stever Garner Licensed by Creative Commons

Each year, millions of viewers tune in to The Discovery Channel for what has become a tradition for many and a terror for others: Shark Week. This week-long tribute to the ocean’s toothiest and, to some, scariest creatures features stories … Continue reading