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Control the Nest Busters


A thriving fur market was a pheasant’s best friend. Birds such as quail, grouse, pheasants, and other ground nesting species benefited dramatically because trappers kept the populations of raccoons, opossums, foxes, skunks, and the like in check. However, when the … Continue reading

Kentucky Opens Night Season for Coyotes

Coyote1 Photo by Nevada Department of Wildlife

Coyotes are known for being clever and adapting to new conditions. They’re also strong hunters with strong senses of sight and smell. Coyotes will eat almost anything from fruit to rodents to deer and dead animals. To help landowners whose … Continue reading

How to Keep Coyotes Off Your Land

coyote4 Image by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Coyote. You may hear that word and think of the classic cartoons featuring a roadrunner dropping an anvil on the coyote’s head. Or, if you’re a hunter, you likely think of coyotes as a nuisance that prey upon and kill … Continue reading

Video: Coyote Hunting Action


If you had a pair of coyotes in your favorite deer or turkey hunting grounds, you have six to nine hungry predators today. Serious fur hunters will want to wait until late fall for the best pelts, yet if you … Continue reading

Eaten Alive! Coyotes and Wolves Attack

SD MZ 2012 003

The predator/prey relationship can be so difficult to watch that many animal lovers choose not to think about it. The kills most often shown television are of lions, cheetahs, or American mountain lions using their crushing jaws to break an … Continue reading

What’s Killing Your Fawns?


Have you ever wondered why you can buy lamb and veal in a restaurant, but not fawn? After all, they’re all young and tender mammals. Actually, the thought of killing young deer for commercial food nauseates me so much that … Continue reading

Learn How to Take More Predators

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Now’s a great time to call predators. With food supplies only now recovering from the cold-weather season, you may cause a wily coyote to let its guard down. In addition, you can do some early-season turkey scouting at the same … Continue reading