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Elk Camp and the Camo Bikini Bottom

Idaho Elk 2009 156

Elk camps can have great antics, yet few compare to the camo bikini caper. Here’s how it happened: On the way to our Idaho elk camp, we stopped at Cabela’s in Boise to pick up some last-minute items. Near the register … Continue reading

Hot Threads for Cool Ladies

GWG- Mossy Oak Press

Duck Commanders has changed the world. Who would have thought that a group of guys in camouflage and full-face camo would garner such attention from the mainstream media? Wearing camouflage is definitely cool these days, and Girls with Guns is the … Continue reading

Cabela’s Chameleon Camo Changes Color


Camouflage has come along way from the blotchy green military patterns of the 1970s. A host of transitions has seen their gear match bark, leaves, twigs, and open terrain, yet Cabela’s still managed to make blending into a background interesting with … Continue reading

Wear Camo on Prom Night


Camo for the Prom? Prom nights are very special and everyone pays attention to what the guys and gals wear. Many school districts have guidelines that keep attire inside the lines, yet what a person wears and how they look … Continue reading