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Great Guns, Great Prices

THUG (19)

Budget minded hunters, rejoice! There’s a herd of inexpensive yet accurate rifles out there. Last season, I had two difficult shots and dropped a trophy 10-point whitetail at 208 yards and another at 258 yards in a stalking situation, using … Continue reading

Portable Grills and Griddles Heat Up


Tailgating is a great warm-up for hunting season. If you’re still lugging a full-sized grill around in the bed of your truck, however, don’t. There’s a much better way. Grills have downsized significantly, allowing you to cook burgers and hot … Continue reading

Five Tips For More Accurate Shooting

Howard 3 174

Rifle and ammunition technologies have increased enough that many of today’s rifle offerings pledge Minute of Angle (one-inch) groups right out of the box. By hand-loading ammo and selecting specific ammunition, you’ll more easily shoot sub-MOA groups with these newer … Continue reading