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Landing the Big One


Jenifer Schultz hauled in Indiana’s top largemouth bass more than two decades ago. It was no accident, nor was it exactly on purpose. Schultz was already an experienced angler. She credits her husband with introducing her to bass fishing 10 years … Continue reading

Make the Transition to Fall Bass

4540722536_c110e530f1 Image by Maryland Department of Natural resources

Fishing for bass in the fall may seem like a completely different task than spring fishing. But Captain Jake Davis, a professional fishing guide, says bass will typically follow the same migration pattern in spring and fall. Identifying this pattern, … Continue reading

Should You Keep Your Catch?

stelprdb5329840 Photo by USDA Forest Service

Catch and release fishing is a common practice among anglers, one that is credited for aiding in the conservation of fish and preventing overharvesting. There are plenty of tips about proper catch and release techniques, from fishing with barbless hooks … Continue reading

Another Big One Gets Away

bass on topwater_

It happens that way sometimes! A bass followed my lure, came up from the depths at the last minute, and slashed at it right next to the boat without getting a hold of it. I wouldn’t venture a guess as … Continue reading

Looking for Bass in All the Wrong Places

BassLongPondMDI2009Ebe Salvator Photo by Maine Department of Inland Fisheries

There are times in life when you need structure. Bass fishing, says professional angler Casey Scanlon, is one of those times. Though many anglers fish the banks for bass, Scanlon recommends finding brush piles. Here, he explains how to find … Continue reading

Best Soft Baits for Bass

power-worm Photo by Fishhound.com

If you’re a bass angler, chances are you have your favorite baits that entice bites even under less-than-desirable conditions. Soft plastic baits come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, from simple worms to lifelike frogs and bright crawfish. Since not … Continue reading

Mice and Frogs: Pests or Topwater Gold?

small-frog1 Photo by moreaubaits.com

If the words mice and frogs conjure images of Biblical plagues and infestations, you may immediately start thinking of ways to rid your garden or home of unwanted pests. But if those words make you want to go bass fishing, you likely … Continue reading

Bass Fish On Memorial Day Weekend

boats on lake Photo by UW-Madison Center for Limnology

Memorial Day weekend is a busy weekend on the water. It seems anyone with a flotation device of any sort — from party barges to flimsy inflatable inner tubes — is suiting up and staking their claim to a spot at their … Continue reading