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The Tiny Powerhouse Behind Arrow Performance


If you’re new to crossbow hunting, you’ll need to learn the archer lexicon, especially if you’ve not previously hunted with a bow. Arrow (or bolt) nocks play a critical role in launching since they touch the string and assure complete energy … Continue reading

Bowhunting: Are You Overpracticing?

Bowhunter Photo by TravelKS - Creative Commons

Everyone who has ever mastered a skill has one thing in common: practice. They’ve likely practiced when it meant getting up before the sun and toughing out heat, cold, and rain. Because it’s common to believe practice makes perfect, they’ve … Continue reading

Magnum Broadheads “Deep Six” the Competition

target-image Photo by Easton Archery

Bowhunters can enjoy added accuracy and quicker game recovery with Easton’s new Deep Six broadheads. Olympic archers and high-level competitors were once the only archers with access to ultra-micro arrows. Now reduced shank size and the corresponding reduction in arrow … Continue reading