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Mathews Launches New Bows

Medacine Bow Mule Deer- Joe Byers 009

Shooting a Mathews bow for the first time, my thoughts were, “This bow shoots so well it seems almost unfair in competition.” The arrows grouped tightly from a smooth draw and a nearly shock-free release. The model back then was … Continue reading

Shoot Your Crossbow Like a Pro

Crossbows large

There are many subtleties to the art of crossbow shooting. Novices and those with experience would do well to review this checklist of tips for safe and accurate shooting: Do you know the proper draw weight? Are you familiar with … Continue reading

9 Tips for Making Your Own Bow

Archery, target, arrow
Photo by: Gary D. Smauder

Hunters employ all sorts of different methods to harvesting their game. Some choose a modern rifle or shotgun; others like a compound bow. And some hunters like the thrill of hunting with a muzzleloader or a more primitive recurve bow. … Continue reading