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8 Tips for Finding Shed Antlers


Finding a shed antler is like a discovering a message in a bottle. Whether large or small, the castaway bone mass says that I outsmarted a host of hunters and I’ll be around another year. Of course a car strike … Continue reading

Why Bucks Don’t Lose Their Velvet

Chernobyl Mid Aug

Deer antlers are one of the true wonders of nature. For example, a mature bull Yellowstone elk will grow more bone on its head in one season than the average American has in its entire body. Part of this incredible growth is … Continue reading

We Like Big Bucks and We Can Not Lie


“Hunters love antlers,” write Realtree’s Will Brantley and Tony Hansen in an editorial that’s sure to stir up plenty of discussion. This obsession with big bucks, they argue, is key to understanding the debate that’s brewing in their home state … Continue reading