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$350K Black Rhino Funding Goes a Long Way

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American sportsmen probably shouldn’t care about the plight of the black rhino. After all, few Americans will actually see one in the wild and only the rarest minority will hunt them. But hunters care about all animals, especially game animals … Continue reading

Kill or Be Killed in Africa

If dangerous game is your quest, the SCI Convention, February 5-9,  is the place and time to book the hunt.

The uncertainty of hunting is part of its appeal. We’ve all felt a chill when a pack of coyotes howls in the darkness, or take a deep breath when a black bear crosses our path. These slight elements of danger … Continue reading

How to Plan Your Dream Hunt

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Every hunter dreams of that great adventure to Alaska, Africa, New Zealand, or another exotic place, where animal populations thrive in pristine environs and a modern sportsman can experience hunting as it was 100 years ago. Essential to making this dream … Continue reading

Hunting Alongside Gorillas and Pygmies


Denny Stiner of Springfield, Illinois, had hunted in Southern Africa several times before. But this trip was different; he had extended his adventure with an excurions to the Congo. He was guided by professional hunter Tielman Neethling, who enlisted the help … Continue reading

Saving Lions by Killing Them

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The link between hunting and conservation can be difficult to explain, yet the survival of the African lion may lie in the hands of hunters, despite the efforts of animal rights groups who strive to eliminate hunting the iconic beasts.  … Continue reading