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Target Practice Made Easy

Face it… the more fun practice becomes, the more arrows you launch and the better your aim becomes. Spicing up practice rounds is a piece of chocolate cake with peanut butter icing if you have a sturdy portable target that you can take with you. The more varied you can make your practice routine, the more you’ll enjoy the work necessary to build true accuracy. Rinehart targets have a reputation for creativity and durability, and the company has taken the product to the next step with the introduction of the Rinehart RhinoBag™ Target featuring innovative new SmartCore Technology. It’s compact,  lightweight, and archers can shoot both arrows and crossbow bolts and the targetʼs outer layer ink won’t bleed or fade over time.

th[3]Available in two sizes (22x22x11 and a larger 26x26x11), the lightweight RhinoBag makes transporting your practice session easy. And thanks to the bagʼs incorporated rubberized handle with molded grip, you can literally toss it into the bed of your truck and send it on its way for a quick round of shooting at camp, in a buddy’s backyard, or at the range.

Like all Rinehart Targets, the Rinehart RhinoBag Series features several highly visible target zones, perfect for honing and perfecting your shot over and over again. And once you’ve emptied your quiver, removing arrows from the bag is a breeze, thanks once again to its SmartCore inside.

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