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Tagging & Reporting

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Tagging and Reporting Instructions

  1. Immediately upon making your kill, complete a Deer/Turkey Harvest Tag. The Harvest Tag must be kept with your deer or turkey until it is processed for consumption. While transporting your kill, you may keep the Harvest Tag in your pocket or wallet. However, if you leave the kill, the completed Harvest Tag must remain with the animal.
  2. All deer taken from Nov. 16 through Nov. 19 (except deer taken with Landowner Permits) must be brought to a check station. Listings of deer check stations are available on the internet at, and at most DEP offices.
  3. All turkeys and deer taken during other periods must be reported within 24 hours via the internet at or by telephone at the toll-free number, 1-877-337-4868 (1-877-DEP-HUNT).
  4. To report your deer or turkey, you will need to know the 3-digit number code of the town in which the animal was killed. The table lists Connecticut’s 169 towns and their identifying numbers. If you killed your deer or turkey on state land, you will also need to know the 3-digit number code of the public hunting area. The tables on list the 3-digit number codes of Connecticut’s public hunting areas. See page for what may legally be hunted on these public hunting areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report my deer and turkey kills and get a kill report confirmation number?

You can report your kill on the Department’s website or by calling the toll free number 1-877-337-4868. After reporting your kill you will be given a confirmation number to write on your Harvest Tag. This confirmation number serves as proof that you have legally reported your kill. You may find that submitting kill reports on the Department’s website is much easier than using the telephone reporting system. The telephone reporting system uses an automated attendant that prompts you to answer a series of questions by pressing the appropriate numbered responses. On the website, you answer questions by using convenient drop-down menus. Other advantages of using the website to report your kill is that you can review reports that you have previously submitted and print out copies of these reports for your records.

Reporting Your Kills by Telephone

Call 1-877-337-4868 (1-877-DEP-HUNT) After a short delay, you will hear an introductory message and instructions on how to report by telephone. Hint: You can skip the introductory message by pressing 1 on your phone.

Reporting Your Kills on the Internet

Go to and look for the link for reporting deer and turkey kills.


Before going on the Internet or calling in to report your kill, you can use this form to make sure you have all of the information you will need to accurately report your kill.

Conservation ID#

(5 or 6 digits on license)

4-Digit Year of Your Birth

(e.g. 1960)

Permit Type

(e.g. Archery Deer, Spring Turkey, etc.)

2-Digit Month of Kill

(01 to 12)

2-Digit Day of Kill

(01 to 31)

3-Digit Town Code

(see table on page 19)

3-Digit Public Hunting Area Code

if applicable (see tables)

Land Type

(Private or State)

Tag Type

(e.g. Antlerless, Either Sex, etc.)

Weapon Type

(e.g. Rifle, Shotgun, Bow, etc.)

Age/Sex Description

See Deer and Turkey Age/Sex Description Questions on next page.

Number of Points

(00 to 24) if applicable

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