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Pass on the Tradition

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Pass it On!


Give your skills, knowledge and the hunting heritage to others. Become a hunter education instructor. Connecticut’s Conservation Education and Firearms Safety (CE/FS) program is constantly looking for volunteer instructors—men and women (age 21 or older) and junior assistants (age 12 or older).

You can be part of the nationally-recognized hunter education program:

  • Pass on your love of the outdoors to new generations of hunters and trappers.
  • Promote safe and responsible hunting and trapping.
  • Serve your community by promoting wildlife conservation.

As a volunteer instructor, you will teach students with an easy-to-use standardized curriculum, all the necessary materials and equipment, and a team of other professional hunter education instructors. Regular firearm hunting classes are 16 hours long and take place over several days. Internet plus one field day firearms classes take 8 hours on one day, usually on a weekend. Bowhunter safety and trapping classes are one-day events. Annual training opportunities introduce new instructional equipment, hunting safety issues, and range safety officer training. You can choose your level of involvement.

Benefits of Being a Hunter Education Instructor

  • Make new friends and hunting companions.
  • Gain personal sense of fulfillment.
  • Obtain discount offers from industry on hunting equipment.
  • Develop teaching and communication skills.
  • Receive complementary magazine subscription.

A Brief History

Connecticut began offering Hunter Education in 1955. The overall goal is to promote safe and responsible hunting and trapping. Course topics include: firearm safety, bowhunting safety, hunter ethics, wildlife management, care and harvest of game, hunting laws and regulations, landowner relations, wildlife identification, and much more. The Department of Environmental Protection is responsible for the state’s hunter education program and courses. Hunting is safe and getting safer—thanks to the work of hunter education instructors. Nationally, there are 70,000 volunteer instructors, reaching over 750,000 students each year. In Connecticut, over 320 instructors provide hunter education classes, graduating over 3,000 students annually.

How to Apply

Contact CE/FS staff at 860-642-7239, 860-675-8130, or to request an instructor application form.


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