Warmwater Fisheries

Fishing Regulations Icon Connecticut Fishing

Bass Management Waters

Bass fishing is very popular in Connecticut and Largemouth or Smallmouth can be found in almost every lake or pond. In most waters, bass are managed through statewide regulations (a standard 12-inch minimum length limit, 6-fish possession limit). However, in some “Bass Management Lakes” special length and creel limits designed to improve fishing by restricting harvest and allowing more bass to reach a memorable size have been put into place.

Slot limits are designed to protect larger, more desirable fish from harvest, while allowing anglers to harvest smaller fish that are often overabundant. Harvesting surplus small bass reduces competition for food and allows the remaining bass to grow faster and larger.


Protected size

Daily Creel Limit

Trophy Bass
(slot limit)

12–18 Inches

6 Bass; Only 1 fish 18 inches or over

Trophy Bass (minimum)

Less than
18 inches

1 Bass

Big Bass
(slot limit)

12–16 Inches

6 Bass; Only 2 bass 16 inches or over

Big Bass
(minimum length)

Less than
16 inches

2 Bass

Riverine Bass (Stanley Tract Area)

Less than
12 inches

6 Bass

Riverine Bass
(Bulls Bridge Area and Tenmile River)

Catch and Release only

Walleye and Northern Pike

Walleye and Northern Pike Fisheries offer a unique opportunity to catch a very large predatory fish. Stocked as juveniles to help control over-abundant forage fish, Walleye and Pike take a few years to grow to impressive size. Over the years, anglers have enjoyed catching quality size fish, especially through the ice.