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Recreational Fishing Licenses

Thank you for your support of fisheries programs and our fisheries. All (100%) of the money generated from your purchase of a license goes to support Connecticut’s fish and wildlife. Your support is critical to help sustain your fisheries resources.

An Inland fishing license is required for anyone 16 years of age or older fishing in the Inland District (see Marine/Inland Demarcation). A marine recreational fishing license is required for anyone age 16 of age or older fishing from shore or from a boat in the marine district. Most licenses are issued on a calendar year basis and expire on December 31st.

Licenses are available online at www.ct.gov/deep/fishing. Licenses are also available at participating town halls, tackle retailers and DEEP field offices. For a complete list of vendors, visit the DEEP website or call DEEP Licensing and Revenue (860-424-3105).

Active Armed Forces Members

Any active, full-time member of the armed forces may be issued fishing and/or small game firearms licenses for the resident fee. Proof of membership during the calendar year must be carried while using the license. These licenses are available only at town clerk and select DEEP offices.


June 17th & August 11th.

Get a free one-day license to fish on these days.

Other Recreational Marine Licenses

Special “Personal Use” licenses are required for: a) persons taking lobsters for their own use by up to 10 pots or SCUBA, and B) persons taking menhaden with a single gill net not more than 60 feet in length, for personal use from marine waters only.

  • Personal Use Lobster License: $60.00
    (purchase of pot tags also required if using pots)
  • Personal Use Gillnet License for Menhaden: $100

Marine “Personal Use” licenses are issued on a calendar year basis, are non-transferable, and are only issued by DEEP Licensing and Revenue at 79 Elm St., Hartford, CT 06106-5127. See www.ct.gov/deep/fishinglicense for additional information and a license application.

Commercial Licenses

A commercial license is required to take, possess or land (regardless where taken) fish, lobsters, blue crabs, whelk, squid, sea scallops, horseshoe crabs and bait species intended for sale from both the inland and marine districts. Contact the DEEP Marine Fisheries Program at 860-434-6043 or write to the Marine Fisheries Program at deep.marine.fisheries@ct.gov or P.O. Box 719, Old Lyme, CT 06371 for further information on commercial fishing www.ct.gov/deep/CommercialFishing.

License Type

CT Resident age 18–64 fee

CT Resident age 16 or 17 fee

Non-Resident 16 or older fee

Sport fishing licenses (fee is US Dollars) *

Inland waters only *




Marine waters only *




All waters *




1 day — Marine waters only *




3 consecutive days —
Inland waters only *




3 consecutive days —
Marine waters only *




Combination Licenses (fee is US Dollars) *

Inland Waters and
Firearms hunting *




Marine Waters and
Firearms hunting *




All Waters and
Firearms hunting *




All Waters and bow and arrow permit to hunt deer and
small game *




Free Licenses *

CT Resident age 65 and older *




Free Special Licenses
(available only at participating town halls and selected DEEP offices).

Blind Inland or Marine fishing license (lifetime).1




Intellectual disability Inland or Marine fishing license (lifetime).2




Physically handicapped (loss of one or more limbs, or permanent loss of the use of one or more limbs), Inland or Marine waters fishing, hunting, or combination licenses (lifetime).3



Free to qualified nonresidents who reside in states which allow CT residents the same privilege.

Group Fishing Licenses

Available to qualified 501(c)(3) organizations wishing to conduct group fishing programs and events for qualified:

  • Veterans with a service-related or other disability.
  • Persons receiving mental health or addiction services from the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) and associated programs & facilities.
  • Individuals with autism or intellectual disabilities receiving services from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) or a facility licensed by DDS; or
  • Persons receiving care from the Department of Children and Families (DCF), DCF receiving homes, or certain DCF-licensed child care facilities or programs.

Qualified organizations can apply for a Group Fishing License ($125.00) to hold up to 50 events per year (both inland and marine water). Each event is limited to 50 people and must be supervised by organization staff or volunteers (who must have their fishing licenses). No fee can be charged to participate and the events may not be used as a fundraiser.

Contact DEEP Inland Fisheries for more information and application forms.

Submit your permit applications online —

A convenient on-line system is now available for the submittal of fisheries related permits. The ezFile system offers a safe, secure, and convenient process to submit your permit applications. After DEEP review, you will receive the appropriate documentation via email, no more paper to fax, scan or mail.

Questions about ezFile or need help? Call us at 860-424-FISH (3474).

  1. Get started with ezFile:
  2. Download Google Chrome (recommended browser)
  3. Selecting the ezFile icon on http://www.ct.gov/deep/fishing
  4. Select “create an account”
  5. Follow the instructions (should take about 5 minutes).


Inland Fishing Tournament/Derby Permit

Required to conduct a fishing tournament or derby on inland waters open to public fishing involving anglers 16 years or older. Organized events, like fishing tournaments, are usually limited to 50% of the parking capacity at a state-owned launch. Open water catch-and-release-only tournaments can be granted an exemption from Bass Management Area special regulations (exemptions available for all Bass Management lakes from September 1 through June 30, exemptions granted only for Gardner Lake and Mansfield Hollow Reservoir from July 1 to August 31). Additional guidelines and restrictions may apply for open-water trout tournaments/derbies conducted on waters managed by the state for trout.

Liberation (Stock) of Live Fish

Required each time any live fish or live fish eggs are released into any pond, lake, or stream in Connecticut (it is illegal to introduce any aquarium fish into any waters of Connecticut).

Importation of Live Fish or Fish Eggs

Required each time live fish or live fish eggs are brought into Connecticut from outside the State (No permit is required to import common aquarium species).

Note: Possession or importation of a number of species including piranha, walking catfish, black, silver and bighead carp, gizzard shad, and all species of snakehead (family Channidae) is prohibited.

Special Regulations on Association Controlled Waters

Any association owning or controlling the fishing rights in a stream or pond may request a temporary change in fishing regulations at their water body.

Private Waters Registration

Can be acquired by individuals or a corporation that meet the eligibility criteria. There is a non-refundable $70.00 application fee. As each situation is unique, please call 860-424-3474 to discuss options.

Marine Fish Tournament/Derby Registration

Required to conduct a marine fishing tournament or derby in Connecticut that is open to persons 16 years of age and older as described under section 26-159a-26 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies. There is no charge for the registration.

Permits are required for these activities:

  • Stock fish or import live fish into the state
  • Conduct a fishing tournament or derby
  • Use grass carp to manage aquatic plants

Importation and/or liberation permit for triploid grass carp

Authorizes the importation, possession and liberation of triploid grass carp into inspected/approved ponds. Possession of diploid grass carp is prohibited. Triploid grass carp represent one method of controlling nuisance aquatic vegetation. The Fisheries Division inspects all ponds to determine regulatory compliance, particularly to verify that the fish can not escape from the waters in which they were stocked, thereby preventing off-site damage to aquatic habitats. Grass carp information packets and application forms can be obtained by contacting the Fisheries Division at 860-424-3474.